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No one cares that Deep Fried Studios is one of the first Podcast Only studios on the Gulf Coast. Or that it's equipped with a sound-proof studio of pro gear, seasoned editors and engineers, and a whole lot of podcasting love. Well, maybe some people do. Here's the real reason why you need Deep Fried Studios. You want to podcast and we design, create and distribute podcasts that are great for the listener while delivering a cutting-edge “alternative” advertising medium for businesses. We make podcasting so easy that you have no excuse for starting your very own brilliant show. Plus, we offer free "getting started" seminars to advanced podcasting masterclasses.

Be the newest member of the Deep Fried Studios network with your personal or business podcast. Personal or business podcast start at $20/hr or $395/month for have full access to our studio and a boatload of podcasting firepower, connections, and know how. 


Johnny Gwin

20 years in the creative industry and recovering traveling bass player Johnny is a host, producer, editor, and lover of all things podcast. In some circles, people call him "Johnny Podcast", well Johnny calls himself that. Since founding Deep Fried Studios, he has become a regular guest on IHeartMedia's Uncle Henry Show, a consultant to other media personalities, and even played a late-night radio conspiracy theory show host in a feature-length film. Always on a quest to create the perfect pop culture podcast, you can hear him on the Pulpit To Pew podcast with incomparable Rev. Beverly Gibson. Looking for someone to push you to make that dream podcast? This is your guy.

Stacy Wellborn

15 years as a Public Relations/Marketing Strategist Stacy is the co-founder and initial spark of Deep Fried Studios. Seeing an emerging trend and the branding power of podcasting in 2015, Stacy convinced Johnny to start a podcast network not just have a single podcast. Stacy is vital to DFS with her strategic thinking, managerial leadership, positive attitude, and silky smooth voice on many of our show intros. She's terrific as the co-host of the Swain Sinus Show. Want to know how podcasting can change your business or life? Stacy is more than a pretty face.

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