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We love podcasting so much we built a studio to make it so easy that you have no excuse for starting your very own brilliant show. For just $35/hr you will have full access to Deep Fried Studios.

Below you’ll find the booking options and some faqs.
Choose a session.
You’ll be directed to the calendar.

Book The Studio

Looking for more than 3 hours? Email Johnny Gwin here to arrange your studio time.

First Time Podcaster?

You can book most hours but we may have to schedule training during business hours. If you’re a repeat user the calendar is wide open. Want to podcast from 10pm to midnight? We can make that happpen.

Studio address

The Deep Fried Podcast Studio is located at Container Yard Co-Working in Downtown Mobile, Al. The address is 853 Dauphin Street, Suite C. Building is at the corner of Dauphin & Broad. Please enter from the front door. 

SD Cards

Have a 16gb or 32 gbSD card ready to go. You can can grab one of these at most nearby stores or for under $20. In a hurry? Johnny will have a couple for sale at the studio - just let him know you need one.

First Timers

Call-in Guests?

Deep Fried can handle remote guests and call -ins. Plug a small cord into   the headphone jack of a cell phone and bingo bango - you have a remote guest call-in show. Have your guest call your phone and you’ll hear it on the headsets and recording. Please let us know if you need this set-up in advance. It's simplier than it sounds.

Facebook Live?

Want to up your Facebook Live game? Want to host your own weekly 20 minute talk show? Deep Fried Studio can make that happen. We use a multi-view studio in a box MEVO camera and pro sound that connects right to your phone and Facebook accounts. 

Need A Sound Engineer or Editor?

With over 200 full production podcasts we can help you get your show from name to iTunes in no time at all. Schedule a podcast planning session with us to see what we can do.

Deep Fried Studio didn't just get our podcast up it, took it to the next level.

Bradley Flowers & Scott Howell

- The Insurance Guys Podcast

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