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Defining Cancer Cure with Dr. Martin Heslin - Cancering Show EP22

On this fascinating episode of the Cancering Show, Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce talks with Dr. Martin Heslin, a surgical oncologist and the Director of the USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute, about the future of cancer treatment, what it means to cure cancer, the advancements in genetics and the importance of building personal relationships throughout the cancer journey.

Episode Takeaways

  • One of the hardest conversations for a physician is to explain to a patient and the family that surgery is not the best option.

  • For every different type of cell in your body, there is a different type of cancer.

  • To say to cure cancer as a single swipe of the sword won't happen because different cells have different reasons (for why) they go haywire.

  • A cancer cure means you die of something else.

  • Cancer for every patient means 100 percent coming back, or it's a zero percent chance of coming back.

A cancer cure means you die of something else. Some cancers you die with, and some cancers you die from. It's our job as cancer physicians and cancer coaches, to guide patients and their families through that process. - Dr. Martin Heslin

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