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How To Master Recipes for Everything You Catch With Hank Shaw

Hank Shaw has been all around the world as a hunter, angler, gardener, forager, and even commercial fisherman, but being a cook is the glue that has bound it all together for Hank. On this Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report Thanksgiving Special, hosts Joe Baya and Butch Thierry dive in deep with this James Beard Award-winning chef's fish and seafood cooking and culinary skills. Plus, some crucial lessons on handling, preparing, and ultimately serving your best catch from the Gulf of Mexico and our inland waters.

Our favorite Hank tip is the stinky fish smell eliminator! Hook Line and Supper by Hank Shaw

One great Christmas gift and quite possibly the only fish and seafood cookbook you'll ever need - BUY HERE Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy this delicious show!

Check out the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report every Thursday for the Gulf Coast's only podcast that brings you the REAL fishing report, whether it's good, bad, or ugly. The Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report is edited and produced by Johnny Gwin at Deep Fried Studios

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