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New To Real Estate? Here's Your Podcast

More and more people are getting into (or thinking about getting into) the real estate game. On this IMPACT Agent with Jason Will interviews new and rising real estate agent Julia Hoover of ARC Realty in Birmingham, Alabama. Julia will walk you through how she got started in real estate, how she is marketing herself, and how she is standing out in a crowded market.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

- Commission compensation puts a lot of stress on new real estate agents. Start your new career with six months of savings.

- Confidence and swagger work in real estate. So, don't be timid and never act like a new real estate agent, even if you are.

- To level up your real estate agent skills faster, find the right mentors and teams.

- Market yourself as an asset to somebody on their home buying journey.

What Is IMPACT Agent?

IMPACT Agent Podcast is an entertaining and informative real estate podcast that looks at our industry through the lens of our work, adventures, and culture. Host Jason Will of JPAR interviews some of the best thinkers and trainers in the business that teaches you what you don't learn in your state licensing courses. Hear real stories, strategies, and tips from the real estate pros out there making it work. Want to be the sales machine and sales teammate you are yearning to be? You picked the right podcast to motivate, inspire and kick your tail in gear to reach those lofty goals and big plans.

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IMPACT Agent is mixed and produced at Deep Fried Studios - Mobile, Alabama.

Producer: Johnny Gwin

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