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USA Mitchell School of Business and Deep Fried Studios Startup The Mitchell Moments Podcast

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Deep Fried Studios, under the direction of Dr. Joseph Hair and the marketing team at The Mitchell School of Business at The University of South Alabama, is excited to announce the creation and launch of Mitchell Moments: a business school podcast with host and Ph.D. student Stacy Wellborn.

Mitchell Moments is an infotainment podcast that focuses on listeners getting a "behind the scenes" perspective to get to know the students, instructors, support staff, and the culture at a high-level Business School post-graduate and Ph.D. Program. While Mitchell Moments is powered and presented by The Mitchell College of Business at The University of South Alabama, this podcast is a great show and resource for anyone considering, attending, or graduated from any business school undergraduate and postgraduate academic program.

Mitchell Moments' Mission:

- Deliver "in-the-know" helpful insights, tips, and lessons learned from current students, instructors, and staff.

- Provide new or current students a big head start to get ahead in their new academic life and career.

- Advise prospective students interested in a post-graduate business program to find the right school.

- Inform and further current students, alumni, instructors, and staff to the Mitchell School of Business.

How To Listen to Mitchell Moments:

All episodes are produced, engineered and mixed by: Johnny Gwin


To date, Mitchell Moments features three full podcast episodes.

There will be a total of 12 for the first season.

On this first episode, you will meet show host Stacy Wellborn as she talks with the Director of the Ph.D. program Dr. Joesph Hair. Dr. Hair will share his professional and teaching journey from Ole Miss, LSU, Kennesaw State, The University of South Alabama, and all points in between. Plus, he gives us his insights on choosing the right Ph.D. school and program for you and what it takes to succeed as a student in a high-level business school and Ph.D. program. See more >

On this episode, Stacy talks with fellow student and Ph.D. candidate Jen Zoghby. Jen shares her long, winding, and diverse career path and journey to The Mitchell College of Business Ph.D. Program. Listen closely because Jen knows what it takes for "getting started" in a business past graduate school and what skills and tools you will need to not only survive but thrive in a high-level program. Plus, Jen reveals her thesis work and her plans moving forward with her Ph.D.

On this episode, Stacy talks with Global Instructor Dr. Bill Dish. Global Instructors are visiting professors that share their knowledge, insights, and real-world experiences with the students. Bill talks in-depth about why he decided to teach at USA and with Dr. Joe Hair. He also explains what makes the USA Ph.D. program unique, and he gives his thoughts on what it takes to navigate a high-level business school graduate and Ph.D. program. Plus, he gives us a peek under the hood on his innovative AI and Cloud Computing company DataRobot.


Get To Know Stacy Wellborn

Stacy Wellborn, host of Mitchell Moments, is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at USA's Mitchell College of Business. Plus, she is developing an entrepreneur undergraduate degree program at Spring Hill College, where she currently teaches in the business school. A longtime marketing and business consultant, Stacy lives and breathes entrepreneurship in her life and career. Over the last two decades, she has built a successful marketing firm, Wellborn Strategies, producing an extensive and elite list of clients including Whole Foods Market, Coastal Alabama Partnership, Wintzell’s, Calagaz and South Mobile Tourism. Plus, she is the owner and Yard Boss of Mobile, Alabama's best co-working space, the Container Yard.

Stacy is not all classrooms, boardrooms, and "all business," she is also the founder and owner of the region's premiere champagne festival, Fizzi Fest. Not to mention she has been selected for Mobile Bay's 40 Under 40 Class of 2010. She is a graduate of Leadership Mobile and was eventually the Leadership Mobile Dean. And she was recently selected as one of Girl Scouts of South Alabama Leading Ladies for 2021.

Learn more about Stacy Wellborn >>>


Mitchell Moments is an on-demand and easy to find podcast. Here are five ways a listener may enjoy Mitchell Moments:

1. Visit - All episodes are found on this website.

2. The Mitchell School of Business Facebook Page: please LIKE the page. All episode links and resources are posted to this page.

3. Apple Podcast App: or search "Mitchell Moments" in the iTunes Store: Subscribe and listen to all shows on the Apple Podcast App.

4. Phone Apps: visitors wishing to receive new episodes immediately upon availability may also subscribe to the podcast's RSS feed via podcasting apps like iPhone Podcast App and Overcast.

5. Email: Johnny Gwin at and ask for a specific show or instructions to ensure delivery of all-new episodes.

Sponsor: Mitchell Moments is paid-for and powered by The Mitchell School of Business at The University of South Alabama.

Who is The Mitchell School of Business

The Mitchell College of Business at the University of South Alabama (Mobile, Alabama) offers undergraduate majors in Accounting, Economics, Finance and Real Estate, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Holding both the AACSB business and separate accounting accreditations, the College also offers a Master of Business Administration, Master of Accounting, and Ph.D. in Business Administration. These programs emphasize experiential learning opportunities throughout the curriculum including a required internship, course assignments, and center-driven projects.

About Deep Fried Studios

Deep Fried Studios produces entertaining and informative podcasts and provides a cutting-edge "alternative" advertising opportunity for businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals whose got something to say. Our studios are located right in the heart of Downtown Mobile's premier co-working space - Container Yard in Mobile, Alabama. Managed and produced by Johnny Gwin, Deep Fried Studios has created, developed, and launched a network of 12 podcast brands totaling more than 1000 episodes distributed and heard or downloaded by more than 800,000 listeners.

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Media Contacts:

Emmy Rieske at USA Mitchell School of Business

Associate Director

Marketing and Communications

P: 479-586-9338

Johnny Gwin at Deep Fried Studios


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