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Deep Fried Studios Launches Cheers To Business Podcast

Sept.5, 2018

Johnny Gwin - Deep Fried Studios Mobile, Alabama, – Sept.5, 2018 – Deep Fried Studios, a branded content creation, podcast technology, and production company is excited to announce the launch of the “Cheers To Business with Karen & Cadie” podcast series. Cheers To Business is hosted by entrepreneurs, local leaders, titans of business and the mother/daughter duo of Karen Simmons and Cadie Gaut. Cheers To Business is a seriously casual business and entrepreneur podcast that discusses starting, running, refining and growing your company, or excelling at your current position. Join Karen & Cadie as they wind down with a glass of wine and candidly share their work experience, work & life balance tips, best business practices, tax & payroll ninja skills, and their career ups and downs while always having fun in the process. Cheers To Business is the first podcast for both hosts. Karen Simmons is a certified public accountant and is coming up on her 23rd tax season. She's the big thinker and the Mother on this podcast. She is also the founder and operates a 13 person team at KCS (Knowledge, Caring, Service) CPA Group in Mobile, Alabama. Along with her co-host and daughter, they started a Payroll Vault (Outsourced payroll and HR services) franchise in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. A big personality in any room, Karen says that she is “having the best time of her life.” Karen prefers red wine. Cadie Gaut is the business owner of Payroll Vault, a payroll specialist, a wife, Mom of 2, and the Daughter of the CTB podcast duo. She loves to dive into the details of a spreadsheet, focus on all the fine details, and make all the processes work to perfection. Also, unlike her Mom, she prefers white to red wine. These two business women make the Cheers To Business podcast for not only other business women, but for anyone who needs that spark to start that new company, grow an existing business, or re-invent what someone is already doing. Karen and Cadie are a mother-daughter dynamite duo that can crush it, collaborate and clash with the best of them. Cheers To Business with Karen & Cadie can be found and heard on iTunes, Libsyn, Overcast, YouTube, and most websites and apps where you find the internet's top-ranked podcasts. To listen and subscribe to Cheers To Business with Karen & Cadie, please visit To date, Cheers To Business with Karen & Cadie features three episodes (there will be a total of 12 for the first season): Ep.1 - Ep.1 - Meet Karen and Cadie

Karen and Cadie share their career and business journeys, work & life balance experiences, their ups and downs of collaboration & butting heads, and insights on starting a business from scratch or growing the one you already have. Listen Here >>>

Karen and Cadie talk about different ways to start a business, specifically looking at, buying into, and opening into a franchise. Karen and Cadie have opened Payroll Vault, a payroll and outsourced HR service franchise, and have a lot to say about the world of the franchise business. What exactly is a franchise are the pros and cons? Where does one find franchise opportunities? What is the best way to start the search and purchasing process? Listen here >>>

Karen and Cadie discuss how to get the most out of conferences, trade-shows, expos, and meet-ups. Karen is the "life of a conference," and Cadie tends to be the listener and "wallflower," learn how both of these different types of conference attendees prepares, manages time, retains information, implements new ideas, and networks at these functions. What makes a good conference? What makes a bad one? What is the value of being a presenter? Also, what are the best techniques to make meaningful connections during and after the big event? Listen here >>>

How To Find The Show: Cheers To Business with Karen & Cadie is an on-demand, easily found and accessed internet broadcast show. There are five ways a listener may enjoy the podcast:

  1. Visit All episodes (and show notes & transcriptions) are located on this website.

  2. Facebook: Search "cheers to business podcast" and LIKE the page. All episode links and resources are posted to this Facebook Podcast Page.

  3. Search “cheers to business” in the iTunes Store: Subscribe and listen to all shows on Apple’s iTunes store in the podcast section.

  4. Phone Apps: visitors wishing to receive new episodes immediately upon availability may also subscribe to the podcast’s RSS feed via podcasting apps like iPhone Podcast App and Overcast.

  5. Search "cheers to business" on google and youtube.

  6. Email: Johnny Gwin at and ask for a specific show or instructions to ensure delivery of all new episodes.

Show SponsorsCurrently Cheers To Business with Karen & Cadie podcast is supported and powered in part by Payroll Vault of Mobile and Baldwin County and the KCS CPA Group. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Johnny Gwin at About Deep Fried StudiosDeep Fried Studios produces podcasts that are entertaining and informative and provides a cutting-edge “alternative” advertising opportunity for businesses. Our studios are located right in the heart of Downtown Mobile's co-working club - Container Yard in Mobile, Alabama. Managed and produced by Johnny Gwin, Deep Fried Studios has developed and released six distributed shows with more than 100 episodes. The roster of shows includes Pulpit To Pew, Swain Sinus Show, Jason Will's Agent 251, the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report, and The Girls Can Podcast. Johnny Gwin consults local radio and podcast personalities and is a regular guest on iHeart Media's Uncle Henry Show, FMTalk 106.5, and the 2 Guys & Some Change Show. Media Contact: Johnny Gwin Deep Fried Studios


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