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International Podcast Day with Uncle Henry

Happy International Podcast Day from Deep Fried Studios!!

Thanks Uncle Henry (radio legend and fellow podcaster) for having head frier Johnny Gwin on the Uncle Henry Show to talk about all things podcasting. You made our Podcasting Day EPIC!!!

You Rock!

Check out the amazing Uncle Henry Podcast

International Podcast Day is a day for podcasters and podcast listeners to scream from the mics and the roofs to raise awareness for this great entertainment, education and content marketing medium.

About Deep Fried Studios

Deep Fried Studios produces podcasts that are entertaining and informative and provides a cutting-edge “alternative” content marketing opportunity for businesses. Our studios are located right in the heart of Downtown Mobile's co-working club - Container Yard in Mobile, Alabama. Managed and produced by Johnny Gwin, Deep Fried Studios has developed and released six distributed shows with more than 300 episodes. The roster of shows includes The Insurance Guys Podcast, The Cancering Show, Swain Sinus Show, Plastikos, Jason Will's Impact Agent Podcast, the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report, and The Girls Can Podcast. Johnny Gwin consults local radio and podcast personalities and is a regular guest on iHeart Radios's The Uncle Henry Show, FMTalk 106.5, and the 2 Guys & Some Change Show.

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