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Plastikos: The Plastic Surgery Podcast Launches

Deep Fried Studios is excited to announce the creation and launch of the Plastikos Podcast, the everything you ever wanted to know plastic surgery podcast featuring Dr. Chris Park of The Park Clinic and host Kym Anderson. Dr. Park and Kym will candidly discuss surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery options and the ways that these procedures and products can improve your body image, health, mood, personality, and overall success.

How to listen to the Plastikos Podcast:


To date, the Plastikos Podcast features three full episodes (there will be a total of 12 for the first season):

In this first episode, host Kym Anderson talks with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chris Park about his family, career, and passion for his practice. So, sit back, relax, put your feet up and learn more about the man in and behind the pressed white coat.

Kym and Dr. Park discuss some of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery: liposuctions, tummy tucks, and fat grafting. Dr. Park explains the different procedures, typical recovery time, and the considerations before surgery. Kym brings up some common misconceptions on removing and injecting fat cells and gaining weight after liposuction. Plus, Dr. Park shares his thoughts on finding the right Plastic Surgeon, teens wanting plastic surgery, and the characteristics of an ideal patient.

Kym Anderson and Dr. Chris Park talk about the most popular and most frequently asked about procedures at The Park Clinic: breast augmentation, implants, reductions, and lifts. Dr. Park explains the types of breast procedures, typical recovery times, determining the right size, and all the improvements and differences between the newer implants and those that were available in the 1980s and '90s.

Get to Know the Hosts:

Dr. Christopher Park

Dr. Park's two passions are plastic surgery and his family and he is proud to be home to provide his services to the communities of the Gulf Coast as an integral part of the Mobile, Alabama medical community. Dr. Park and The Park Clinic staff's mission is to provide world-class reconstructive and cosmetic care to his patients in a professional, informed, personal, safe, private, and comfortable environment. To learn more about Dr. Park visit,

Kym Anderson

Kym Anderson anchors the 5, 6, 7, and 10 p.m. newscasts on NBC 15 and the 9pm newscast on our sister station UTV44, WJTC in Mobile, Alabama.Kym is a busy mom who takes time to be active in the community, donating countless hours to civic groups and non-profit organizations. She's also very passionate about issues facing today's youth. Even though her schedule can get very busy at times, Kym says the most important part of her day is at the end, when she unwinds and gets to spend time with her three beautiful children, Mack, Konnor and Kirklyn. She calls them her best accomplishments! To learn more about Kym visit,

The Plastikos Podcast is an on-demand, easily found and accessed internet show. There are five ways a listener can find the podcast:

1. Visit - All episodes (and show descriptions) are found on this website.

2. Facebook: click here or search "plastikos podcast" and LIKE the page. All episode links and resources are posted to this Facebook Podcast Page.

3. iTunes: click here or search “plastikos” in the iTunes Store: Subscribe and listen to all shows on Apple’s iTunes store in the podcast section.

4. Phone Apps: visitors wishing to receive new episodes immediately upon availability may also subscribe to the podcast’s RSS feed via podcasting apps like iPhone Podcast App and Overcast.

5. Email: Johnny Gwin at and ask for a specific show or instructions to ensure delivery of all new episodes.

About Deep Fried Studios

Deep Fried Studios produces podcasts that are entertaining and informative and provides a cutting-edge “alternative” advertising opportunity for businesses. Our studios are located right in the heart of Downtown Mobile's co-working club - Container Yard in Mobile, Alabama. Managed and produced by Johnny Gwin, Deep Fried Studios has developed and released six distributed shows with more than 100 episodes. The roster of shows includes Pulpit To Pew, Swain Sinus Show, Jason Will's Agent 251, the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report, and The Girls Can Podcast. Johnny Gwin consults local radio and podcast personalities and is a regular guest on iHeart Media's Uncle Henry Show, FMTalk 106.5, and the 2 Guys & Some Change Show.

Media Contact:

Johnny Gwin at Deep Fried Studios

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